Upper Cervical Therapy
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Radiological Evidence of the Upper Cervical Asymmetry

Horizontal slices from left to right at the level of axis, atlas, and occiput. The highest grade convexity was measured at the level of the atlas.

At this point we would like to express our  thankfulness towards the persons, four women an two men, who patiently had undergone the MRT-procedure before and after upper cervical therapy. In addition, we would like to thank our friend radiologist who engaged himself at the end of every working day with our issue. 

After several attempts, we succeded in one case to make visible the asymmetric digastric muscle conduction (see link).

In addition, the clearcut evidence of lefthand convexity: In several slices there is a lefthand convexity of 183 to 188 degree (see image).


Radiological Evidence of Upper Cervical Asymmetry

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