Upper Cervical Therapy
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Early Symmetry Disorder of the Vertebral Column

Seven months old girl who had become symptom-free concerning the diagnosed symmetry disorder. Now she is just above one year of age and furthermore nothing could be noticed of the symmetry disorder.

Intimately associated with ADD is Early Symmetry Disorder of the Vertebral Column in babies, which is a frequent symptomatics characterized by tilted head, ophistotonus, prefering one of the breasts, over-sensitivity to touch, intranquility, and crying. 

A girl born on 11.8.09 was treated on 23.3.10 at the age of 7 months. The mother confirms that the symptoms, which had led to child radiologist's and specialist's referral, had permanently disappeared, with the following words  (30.3.10):

My daughter is fine, I didn't notice any tilting of the head any more. She is fit with both hands and has recently discoverd the Xylophone which she makes sound with amazement und enthusiasm with both hands simultaneously. Turning of the head in both directions is also satisfactory. 

Today (13.5.10), the mother remarked: 

My daughter is symptom-free, she can tremendously widely look aside, as though her neck was made out of rubber. I havn't been to the orthopedic doctor, I'd rather go only to the pediatrician. 

Left images: Four month old boy with symptomatic asymmetry disorder (see bending of the body to the left). Right image: After one year, he was unconspicious concerning symmetry disorder. Meanwhile, he is two and a half years old and makes paintings according to his age. Thus he disposes of a regular fine motricity.

As a matter of fact, babies and very young children are frequently affected: The exacerbated upper cervical asymmetry with accompanying scoliosis expresses itself at earliest age through the so-called C-posture. 

The boy on the right suffered especially of the consequences of an exacerbated upper cervical asymmetry and couldn't, among others, hardly turn his  head to the right. 

Since the moment of therapy and within an observation time of two years he is, concerning motricity, equilibrium, and attention span, unconspicious. Accordingly, Upper Cervical Therapy is also indicated for this symptomatology.