Upper Cervical Therapy
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Upper Cervical Therapy of Vertigo

Female patient (*1934) was treated in May 2008. She wrote after therapy: "Simply better!" Finally, three weeks later, she spoke as follows: "I couldn't look upwards, I couldn't look downwards, because there was the vertigo. I have been to hlospital because of vertigo, but since Upper Cervical Therapy the vertigo has disappeared, I never had one again, never! I can go upstairs, I couldn't look downstairs, because I was afraid, ... and that has all disappeared."

According to our experience, vertigo is in most cases based upon upper cervical asymmetry or  the latter is an important co-variable. That  symptom is very frequently due to diffuse parapharyngeal compression and myogene stretching of the Arteria vertebralis: 


A female patient (*1949) suffered during five years from heavy vertigo attacks, later essential tremor (trembling of head and hands) was added. Both symptoms disappeared immediately upon therapy and after a one year of reconvalecense she is so well that she 'enjoys very much bicycle riding and dancing'. On August 15, 2008 she wrote: "I can move better, climb upstairs better, riding bicycle is better, better bending forward, not as quickly tired as before, more apt to working." One year later on September 9th, 2009, she wrote: "I have accustomed myself that everything goes better. When I have stress, tensions in my back appear. I am glad to have encountered this treatment and would like to recommend it."

A female patient (*1924) of more than eighty years had a radiologically evidenced, heavily disrupted vertebral artery conduction.

Strongly hypoplastical Arteria vertebralis on the right, which is not connected to the Arteria basilaris. (...) Thus reduced blood perfusion conditions prevail concerning posterior brain parts.

Following treatment, the dangerous vertigo receded completely within three weeks and didn't reappear since then. 

For  vertigo patients and elderly people, to be freed from upper cervical asymmetry is of great advantage, because blood perfusion and innervation conditions are thus improved. 

"It's a whole new experience, if you can really move your head; I can suddenly go a lot better downstairs, and my tremor was suddenly gone: ...

I had quite a long time, five years vertigo attacks: Even once in office it has sheared me off because I have become so bad, because I always had to look up while titrating that I was so dizzy that I vomited and then could not continue my work ... and now I won't experience such things again.

I was then still with a bit of muscle tensions, which I have fixed  by means of swimming a lot in summer, and then I tried  to relax the muscles in the water, and that helped.

Now I feel so good... I have a lot of fun on the bike and got no more problems ... and I have fun dancing, and yes I got used to it, that I now feel better."