Upper Cervical Therapy
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Our assumption is that upper cervical asymmetry is a physiologically contributing cause for tinnitus: Whether tinnitus is audible or not depends among others on the quality and purity of the endolymph, which in turn depends on the good functioning of the general lymphatic system, in particular, its rate and amount. The exacerbated upper cervical asymmetry reduces lymph flow in a diffuse manner. The better and more secure the general lymphatic flow in the head-and-neck region, the less likely the occurrence of hearing disturbances caused by endolymphatic fluctuations. 

This relationship became very evident when a patient (born 1967), who repeatedly had had conductive hearing losses, was so much satified with the result due to a certain strict diet (raw vegetables) that he did not mention the underlying tinnitus. After therapy (6.6.08), he was astonished about the suddenly ensuing silence :

I am dumbfounded that the tinnitus is gone now, yes, but I thought it was gone. I got used to the few percent residual noise over the past few years, and then - that was at the beginning of the diet - I had the tinnitus more and it got reduced, but just to a certain level, which I felt was ok. And now there is this absolute silence in my ears (is amazed, perplexed) .. I am just concentrating on the silence, it is ... great! (laughs)

This suggests that the digastric muscle rearrangement had led to a sudden increase of lymphatic throughput in the cochlea, so that the tinnitus disappeared in a surprising way.

We treated a female patient (born 1940) on 04/29/09, who for many years suffered from heavy tinnitus with teeth grinding, restless sleep. During the digastric rearrangement, she initially felt tension in the right omohyoid muscle, which gradually subsided and turned into general well-being. After a period of four weeks, she reported that the tinnitus, which had permanently tortured her before therapy, had subsided completely. This means that the decompressed parapharyngeal space caused by upper cervical therapy had led to a persistently elevated lymph flow which made the symptoms cease. 

The patient made the following comment (in spanish): 

Now I say that an angel visited me, because I was in a bad state: For many years I was in great fear, had a lot of pain, depression and severe strains. Well, within about ten minutes, I'm totally different, calmer and more open. (...) And that must be known: We can not continue that way, the majority of people living in appalling conditions, while there is a method which tranforms you within 10 minutes into another person.

The patient mentioned the following symptoms: tinnitus and hearing loss, teeth grinding, restless sleep