Upper Cervical Therapy
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Upper Cervical Therapy of Tension Headache

A frequent and prognostically very certain observation is that tension headache disappears even though the latter had persisted for decades. 

Tension headache originates directly out of an exacerbated upper cervical asymmetry: The upper cervical muscle system is continuously stretched to the front on the left side. As a result, a permanent tension is exerted upon the Galea aponeurotica and extended to the Musculi occipitofrontalis and  temporoparietalis.


Patient (* 1961) with chronic tension-type headache wrote after the therapy on 21.2.10: "That's 'crazy'! Something is missing, which was 'holding' onself." - which is an accurate emotional comment on the treatment process (see the film documentary). Since then, the headaches have receded (13.5.10): "The headache is completely gone." After an eight-month observation period, the treatment outcome has been maintained substantially.

As soon as the tension condition is relieved, a decrease in tension of the aponeurosis and the muscles mentioned above results. In addition, a tonus symmetrisation between left and right ensues with time. 

Up to date, we have relieved many patients from their tension type headaches, in some cases the capability to work had been reestablished by that means.