Upper Cervical Therapy
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Upper Cervical Therapy of Migraine

A female migraine patient wrote immediately after therapy her impression: "Standing is possible in a natural way without effort. Seeing capacity is very much improved. I feel myself more in my center." The sentence "Watching capacity improved" reveals optimized blood circulation conditions. Migraine patients very often notice directly after therapy that they see better, clearer, more sharply, more beautifully than before therapy.

In our opinion, the headache types caused by vascular disorders are not independent from those of the tension type. The latter form, as it were, the basis of the headache phenomenon. In most cases, a myogene component is being confirmed, before the very migraine symptoms begin. 

In migraine, a tonus asymmetry takes place in that the autochtonuous cervical muscle system suffers from cramps at the level of  the arc of the atlas on the right. In contrast, on the left, there is muscle stretching. Righthand spasm versus lefthand distention leads to a dislocation of cervical vertebrae and an intermittent reduction of blood flow due to disturbed vertebral arteries conduction (e.g., at the Trigonum arteriae vertebralis). 

My treatment is a month ago and I decided to undergo treatment, because I have a violent head ache problem, and also many migraine situations in the past.

Since the treatment, I had repeatedly situations where the headache, as it were, wanted to come. I had feelings of tension, in two or three situations I also had that characteristic aura, that is a flickering.

The phantastic fact simply is that those situations have dissipated by themselves without me having to take drugs. Since that time I didn't have any attack which resembled by far those which I suffered before and that without medicine, so that I simply am glad about that.

The treatment of a female migraine patient (*1987) inmidst of an attack lead to the following spontaneous written expression: "I suffered from pains, stiff neck, strong nausea, vertigo and a great weakness in my body. After Upper Cervical Therapy the 'pain as though I broke in parts' in the neck has disappeared; the left side of the mouth felt loose - a very uncommon feeling. During the vibrational massage I lost my nausea, lateron the pain disappeared and I had no more weakness in my body, rather an incredible relaxation. After the treatment I feel as though I am on clouds; clear seeing capacity immediately and a feeling of 'sorting the muscles'."

At any rate, myogene phenomena are prior to any vascular or neurogene components. Vascular and neurogene phenomena are reduced according to the muscular tonus equalization induced by Upper Cervical Therapy. This needs time and means that the cervico-cranial region has to strengthen and symmetrisize on a longterm basis, before migraine symptoms disappear completely. 

The therapy can also eliminate a current migraine attack: As soon as the left digastricus belly goes to the front, the blood perfusion condition improves immediately; a vibrational massage specialized on the upper cervical muscle system helps to normalize the physiological situation. 

We were able to help many migraine sick people consistently.