Upper Cervical Therapy
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Upper Cervical Therapy of Cluster Headache

In our opinion, the primary cause of Cluster Headache is due to a latent and permanent compression of the parapharygeal space caused by upper cervical asymmetry, which in turn has hemodynamic consequences. 

The most obvious symptom for that compression is cluster headache which consists in that the upper cervical muscle system periodically can no more compensate the pressure caused by the left Venter posterior musculi digastrici. That leads to a perceptible dislocation of the left atlas process to the front and to pressure on the jugular vene which reduces the drain of venous blood. 

Then the venous blood is damed up in the Sinus cavernosus and finally exerts pressure mainly on the left eye nerves (Nervus oculomotorius, a.o.) going along the sphenoid bone. This provokes the eye-pressure symptoms specific for cluster headache. In our opinion  this is consistent, because therapeutic successes confirm that etiology ex iuvantibus. 

In our view the causative therapy for cluster headache consists in keeping open the left parapharygeal space by means of relocating the left Venter posterior musculi digastrici in front of the Processus atlantis lateralis. 

I have realized that thereby a whole number of problems had been resolved, (...) a punching pain, which goes over the neck and head into the eye, really drilling into the eye, so that I had the impression there are glowing arrows in it and somebody presses the eyeball out. (...)

That irritation is no more present in the upper cervicals, in the head and now I could assess in the course of the last 7 months that (...) my headahe has receded. It took a certain time, now it has nearly disappeared, but that isn's any problem. (...) that pressure in the jaw joint has disappeared, quickly after that therapy (...) before I was always pressing here and there on my cheek (...) I could even feel how the muscles regenerated, (...)

I do really recommend that therapy, since so many problems can be solved, in my opinion, this should be propagated.

Note: Mentioned above is a special movement that can interrupt a fit in the treated condition.

After a period of eighteen months, the above-mentionned patient announced the following:

Otherwise I am well so far. In very stressful situations, occasionally at work, together with the strain in the neck the pain of the eye returns. I have not yet figured out how to prevent that. But if pain came back, I get it quickly away through my body posture. Healing success is therefore sustainable.