Upper Cervical Therapy
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Preliminaries for Upper Cervical Therapy

During the preparatory talk, respectively, during the anamnesis, one should find out about fears concerning the upper cervical region and dispell them by means of concise information. Thereby anatomical models and computer animation or films should be used.

In order to maintain medico-ethical standards ('informed consent'), the patient's explicit consent concerning a number of points should be acquired:

  • Agreement should be achieved that, according to recent insights, one can sensibly and ethically justify to acquire health advantages by means of digastricus relocation.
  • The patient should know beforehand that during therapy, unexpected, mostly agreable sensations might come up and that muscular adaptation processes will ensue lateron. 
  • The relative reversibility of digastricus relocation should also be addressed. 

The most important and encompassing principle is the concept of therapeutic autonomy. That means that the individual performs the measure of digastricus relocation in a state of knowledgeability concerning its significance for health.