Upper Cervical Therapy
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Indications for Upper Cervical Therapy

The indication spectrum of that measure is widespread, since many symptoms are intimately related to decompensated upper cervical asymmetry (in the sense of a co-variable). Development disorders from early up to young adult age can be alleviated by that clinical measure as well as different symptoms of the adult. Possible indications for Upper Cervical Therapy are first of all of orthopedical nature:

Then there are consequences of occipito-cervical blood circulation disorders related to upper cervical asymmetry or disorders of the lymphatic flow at the cranio-cervical junction:

Disorders based on the personal accident history consist in pulling and extension of the hind digastricus belly and in a characteristic wrenching of the upper cervicals: 

Finally there are treatable disorders which are intimately related to the supra- and infrahyoidal muscle system:

Last but not least, we assume that disorders of the infant  are narrowly related to upper cervical  asymmetry:

Concerning many of the above-mentioned indications, therapeutic successes could be registered in patients treated up to date. Upper cervical asymmetry and its therapy should be investigated systematically as to orthopedical, pediatrical, gerontological and further aspects. For certain, this should be accepted as a research topic in headache research.