Upper Cervical Therapy
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Emotional Reaction to Upper Cervical Therapy

The therapeutic effect always starts with an increased blood circulation and has once been described metaphorically in the follwoing terms: 

It is phantastic, I feel as though I was newly born, so undescribable, the lightness of being, simply, that embraces the whole feeling and well-being. (see above). 

Sometimes euphoric feelings ensue which reflect that physiologically everything has turned right. The person feels that clearly in her inner core, however, hardly finds words to describe it. 

The spontaneous expressions are often influenced by that deep experience. The most frequent expression is: "Looser!" That means that the blood circulation condition on the left side has been optimized and that a completely new, still unknown movibility of the head has been established. 

Written spontaneous expressions which have been produced after Upper Cervical Therapy