Upper Cervical Therapy
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Therapeutic Intervention in Upper Cervicals

Left, before therapy, right, after theray. The left hind digastricus belly (on the image on the rigt side) is relocated in front of the atlas process.

The therapeutic measure consists in an action matched to the relevant physiological situation, so the muscle in its fascia is - imperceptibly for the patient - turned around the atlas process and slides in front of it (or, as it were, flaps around) and henceforth will remain in front of the upper cervicals.

The left muscle belly can either be behind the atlas process in its evolutionarily determined site or run in front of the atlas process. In general, all muscle conductions are indeed movable, but could not be altered in their relation to each other. This is probably the only possibility of muscle rearrangement in the human organism.

The asymmetric muscular conduction is being symmetrisized, which is a qualitatively new, physiologically favorable condition which is present in all vertebrates and has been up to date incorrectly assumed for the anatomically modern humans.