Upper Cervical Therapy
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Upper Cervical Therapy-User Meeting

On 27. / 28.09.2014, a meeting has taken place in Kassel - in very comfortable accommodations amidst the beautiful town part 'Vorderer Westen'. We were a dozen participants, mixed from different parts of Germany and from different disciplines (general medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, psychology, naturopathy, physiotherapy). With good humor and open working atmosphere, very interesting lectures, discussions and practical exercises were held. In addition, new contacts and networks came into being. All in all, participants did experience a very successful conference, of which certainly everyone has benefited.

After a first meeting, exchange and study exercises on Saturday afternoon, on Sunday, we heard the lecture by Robert Picard on Anthropological Foundations of Upper Cervical Therapy and a contribution by Nicolás Stamer about TMJ from the Perspective of Neural Therapy. Then upper cervical therapy was practiced in its current version.

Training for Upper Cervical Therapist

The prospective Upper Cervical Therapist requires training, in order to be able to determine with certainty whether there is an average, compensated upper cervical asymmetry, which could be fixed prophylactically, or whether there is a decompensated upper cervical asymmetry, which requires long-term therapeutic care. Otherwise, pathologies possibly arise, which can neither be interpreted correctly nor responded to properly. Therapeutic expertise should be available before working with the above method.


As a complex medico-psychological procedure, Upper Cervical Therapy is apt as a prophylactic measure for scoliosis and for circulatory disorders in the cranio-cervical junction as well as a therapeutic measure for different symptoms, which have, as a contributory cause, the decompensation of upper cervical asymmetry.

The prospective Upper Cervical Therapist can be sure and express the confidence that the respective pathological condition will gradually recede. The overarching principle is the concept of therapeutic autonomy. The patient should celebrate upper cervical therapy fully informed and conscious of its great importance for health.