Upper Cervical Therapy
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The possibility of rearrangement of the left posterior digastric muscle is a finding, the preventive and therapeutic significance of which is considerable. As a reversible evolutionary equipment of the anatomically modern human, upper cervical asymmetry should be researched anthropologically. The therapeutic opportunity resulting from the reversibility of the asymmetric digastric muscle conduction should be taken up. The presented insights should find a lot of attention, because since about 1500 AD anatomy is performed without upper cervical asymmetry being noticed. To date, the asymmetric digastric muscle conduction has not been noticed by macroanatomy, but it is so obvious!

Great pains have been taken to make upper cervical therapy transparent: The Internet makes this publicationsas  far as possible accessible. In addition, the therapy manual is available for training. Both are prerequisites for successful knowledge transfer. Hopefully,  naturopaths and medical doctors will understand the importance of this discovery, take up upper cervical therapy, represent it, and that from there on a significant therapeutic movement will develop.